Lady Gaga, Vogue's 120th Anniversary Cover

Vogue magazine has a great gift for its readers on its 120th anniversary. They took Lady Gaga as a cover for their anniversary exhibiting her hourglass body in a purple Marc Jacobs gown for September 2012 edition. Another extra gift for its readers is a Lady Gaga with nothing on but a very large pink feathery hat photographed by MERT & MARCUS.' The eccentric sexy singer known and usually seen with extremely thick make up on, bizarre and extraordinary sexy outfits, and huge headpieces almost non-terrestrial hairstyles has embarked another stunning vibe. The pop queen took her sexiness to the next level by baring it all.

 Wearing barely make-up on and accessories, she had glamorously done it again! The sexy star almost removed everything except the massive hat that failed to outshine the one of a kind singer; Lady Gaga made a new definition of seduction. Nothing does it better. 
The singer posted a sneak peek of her photos alongside with the news about her Vogue cover 30 minutes before her shoot on Twitter. As expected, her tweet became trending and was preceded with excited tweets of excitement. She also expressed her desire of acting out irresponsibly like a nineteen year old, dance in a bar topless and make out on a beach. This is her way of telling people how she would like to be always free spirited and wishes her music would influence its listeners to be also brave in doing what they want and fleshing out everything that will liberate them. Thus, her cover and her music is an expression of her being freedom lover and bold influencer of liberty and living out life to its fullest. 

The September issue of Vogue will grace newsstand on August 21st and will also be downloadable in iPad, Kindle Fire, NOOK Color, and NOOK Tablet around the globe.


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