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Jennifer Hudson

American Idol contenstant Jennifer Hudson is facing bitter tragic that happens with her family.Her mother and brother found dead inside their house yesterday and her nephew " Julian" is still missing. Jennifer Hudson appealed Sunday for the public's help in finding his 7 years old nephew where she also offer money.The Amber Alert listed William Balfour, the estranged husband of Jennifer Hudson's sister, Julia Hudson, as a suspect in a "double homicide investigation." Julia Hudson is the missing boy's mother.

Charlize at Hancock

Charlize seems to have an overpower beauty and a sexy body in this movie, She has a very inspiring role that makes her very attractive.She gives out the best what viewers expected. She's a perfect plain and skeptical housewife of PR executive.The twist of the story becomes very exciting when Mary (Charlize) confronted Hancock ( Will Smith) angrily.and when the battle's begins from both of them.It is amazing to see Mary with her powers showing in to the public when they fight goes to city. But she didn't even care because she's mad with Hancock.I like the part when she drop the truck through hancock. It's good to see her in a wonderful movie portraying a great and exciting role.