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Amisha Patel

I could'nt believed that bollywood actors are in the track right now.This bolywood star Amisha Patel caught my attentions in askmen magazine. I jjsut recently discover that she is known for being one of the most sexiest starlet and has appeard in more than 25 productions.Wow! That was amazing!Based from the article, Amisha said that she don't have any intention to become a movie star. She stated that her father was a business man who has studied law and runs a chemicals and audio-magnetic tapes business. She also then says that " I’m sure I wouldn’t be acting, were it not for the fact that the Roshans, who happen to be family friends, offered me the role in Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai,” she says. “My dad and Uncle Rakesh were classmates at school, you know, and they go back a long way.” Grand-daughter of Indian freedom fighter, lawyer, and former Justice Rajni Patel, Amisha, a Gemini, was born in Bombay's Breach Candy Hospital on June 9, 1976. Her nickname is Angel.and s…

Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima was born in noertheastern coastal town of salvador, bahia, Brazil on June 12,1981. She is the only child of Nelson Torres and MAria de Gracia Lima.
Adriana was discovered at the local shopping mall by the age of 13. She entered and finished in first place in Brazil's Ford Super Model of the World search at the age of 15.

Adriana Lima is the spokeswoman for Victoria's Secret, Guess, Armani and XOXO . She's helping Brazilian's orphans in her native land and dabbling in acting.Because up-close inspection of this beauty revealed that she had impossible curves and prefectly sculpted face with nary a blemish or dimple of cellulite in sight.